Share your story here… these are the words that I’ve been staring at for the past hour trying to figure out whether I should or should not go through with this blog… for the 10th time! I have done and redone this blog over and over so many times its broken. Every few months I get excited and I write, and then I get discouraged. I reread my posts and think what the fuck did I just write?! 

This time I think will stick, like my diet (gulp). I woke up today with a hangover and as I got up at 6 a.m to get dressed and go to work, I suddenly found myself standing in front of my worst enemy: my own self. My reflection was…disappointing. I was so upset and for these few seconds that I was confounded by my own image, all of the negative thoughts that had been building in my head for the past decade culminated into one question: “what if this is it?” What if life as I know it will always be me as I am now?! I could feel my throat closing up. I did not like what I saw. I have to change something in my life, it’s imperative, it’s necessary. I just have to. 

In a way this blog is me doing that.Perhaps what I share will lead to something bigger or perhaps not, what matters is that at least I’m getting off of my ass and trying. I have to try, with my driving I’ll probably die soon and I want to leave something other than my crumpled socks behind. So here goes, oh also most shared images are actually art pieces that my mother draws and paints herself, so I hope you’ll enjoy them along with the reading. 


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